Natural Rawhide

  • Made to satisfy your dog’s urge to chew, our Natural Rawhide products are made naturally with no added flavors nor chemicals. All natural, all good.
  • Our items sizes can go from 2-3 inches up to 22-24 inches, depending on the item. Look through our wide variety to find the perfect item for your dog.

Basted Rawhide

  • If your dog is longing for more flavor, try our Basted Rawhide items. 
  • Our more popular are Chicken Basted and Beef Basted, delicious and long lasting flavors. 
  • Some other seasonal flavors we have are: Peanut Butter, Apple Cinnamon, Sugar Cookie, Peppermint, Pumpkin, Turducken and Dental. 
  • Contamos son saborizantes naturales y artificiales, pregunta por el que mejor se adapte a tus necesidades.

Meat wrapped

  • Nothing is better that our combination of quality beef rawhide and some of the best quality meats. 
  • Let your dog try our tail-waggingly chews wrapped with 100% real chicken, beef meat and delicious bacon. Your dog will love them!

Gourmet Rawhide

  • Looking to pamper your best friend?
  • Our gourmet items are the perfect mix between Natural Rawhide, Pork flavored Rawhide and delicious real chicken wrapped. Your dog will love them! 

Compress Bones

  • Made with the best Quality Rawhide, this are made specially to grant them a soft texture and this lovely bone shape. 
  • Available in Natural, Beef Flavor and Natural wrapped with real chicken. 

Munchy Line

  • A great mix of flavor and texture your dog will love!! They are easy to eat so they are great for the oldest dogs. 
  • Made with crushed Rawhide, they can be Beef or Chicken flavored to satisfy your dog palate.


  • The most spooky time of the year is also the perfect time to treat your dog with our seasonal rawhide items. 
  • The Pumpkin flavor is great to include your dog into the holidays trademark theme.  


  • The happiest time of the year is great to show your dog how much you love him. 
  • Sugar Cookie, Apple Cinnamon, Peanut Butter are great flavors to pamper your friend in this season, all our fun shapes and textures will be a great gift for your four legged friend! 


Natural Products

  • What a better way to pamper your dog that with our new line of 100% Natural Products that help with your dogs urge to chew, with so many different and nutritious treat that help their teeth health.

  • Deja que disfrute de sus deliciosos sabores y olores, que incluyen opciones de tráquea, fémur, esófago, pulmón, viril de res, entre otros.

Rawhide free

Our Brand new line of 100% Rawhide-Free treats are highly digestible with in the best ingredients. Let your dog delight with our great variety of sizes, shapes and delicious flavors.